Great Expanse CD

Hilltop Hoods


Hilltop Hoods return with 'The Great Expanse!'

Featuring platinum single "Leave Me Lonely," gold selling ARIA Award winning single "Clark Griswold" ft. Adrian Eagle, and new single "Exit Sign" ft. Illy and Ecca Vandal


  1. The Great Expanse
  2. Into The Abyss
  3. Leave Me Lonely
  4. Be Yourself (feat. Ecca Vandal & Nyassa)
  5. Sell It All, Run Away (feat. Timberwolf)
  6. Exit Sign (feat. Illy & Ecca Vandal)
  7. Clark Griswold (feat. Adrian Eagle)
  8. OOFT (Ponda Baba)
  9. Counterweight
  10. Fire & Grace (feat. Ruel)
  11. What Becomes Of Us
  12. Here Without You (feat. Nyassa)
  13. H Is For...

Great Expanse CD by Hilltop Hoods